All workshops take place at the wonderful Yoga Shala, Chaddesley Corbett, WR9 0NN


Yoga for Beginners

Saturday November 10th 2018 - 2-5pm £25

What IS a Downward Dog? Am I breathing correctly? What does Surya Namaskar mean?This Beginners Workshop is for people who have never done Yoga before but would like to try - without committing to a regular class or thinking that "everyone is super bendy & wearing lycra & you aren't really flexible so you can't do yoga!" . Discover what Yoga really is, with a gentle introduction to meanings of words, key postures, alignment guidance, some breath work and relaxation - all mixed in with a delicious break of tea & cake!

You will leave completely relaxed & inspired!

Everyone is welcome & all ranges of ability & experience.

Enjoy the afternoon at my exclusive countryside studio with beautiful views, a clean, quiet space and free parking. Meet other like-minded people and introduce yourself to the joys that Yoga in your life can bring.

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Guest Intro:

I am delighted to introduce Allison Kelsey who is running a series of workshops in November:

Allison is a highly experienced, intuitive and compassionate yoga teacher of many years,with a profound passion for sharing ancient wisdom, ritual and practices in an accessibleand relevant way to lead practitioners to transform their everyday lives on and off the mat.

She shares her sweet offerings of her own uniquely colourful and deeply energising, sumptuous and liberating flow classes, workshops and retreats all over the world.

She is passionate about the transformative power of yoga and combines her passion with her sense of humour and desire for all her students to see the beauty, power and purpose within them. Allison welcomes all to her events with open arms and heart.

Outside of teaching, Allison loves to travel, loves being outside, the sunshine, great food, Bali, sunrises and sunsets, beaches, anything teal, handbags and chocolate.


Awakening Shakti -An Introduction to the Divine Feminine.

Friday 23rd November 6.30-9pm £30

In this workshop, we’ll invoke and awaken the divine feminine within.Through mudra, mantra, vinyasa flow yoga, deeper held restorative poses, journalling, yoga nidra and more, we will awaken and connect to the divine feminine, and briefly explore the energies of the different goddesses, from Durga & Kali to Saraswati & Lakshmi.

When we recognise the qualities of the Goddesses as energy both within us, and externally, we can use them as resources for different times in our life. We’ll also explore what the phrase Goddess brings up for us, whether it is a term we readily embrace or one that makes us cringe a little.

As women we all have the energy of divine feminine within and she has many faces,from the warrior, to the lover, from the teacher to the great mother and protector. Ourinner goddess maybe about beauty, love and radiance, or she maybe a warrior fighting for a cause she is passionate about….


Durga, the Goddess of Inner Strength and Protection

Saturday 24th November 9.30am - 12pm £30

We’ll start our journey through the Goddesses this morning with Durga, one of the Warrior Goddesses, who represents inner strength, protection and boundaries.

We’ll explore our relationship to drawing boundaries, and our ability to stand our ground and commit to our truth and what matters to us. Through flows, readings, mudra and more, we will explore how it feels to connect into a sense of being truly grounded and how that allows us to find inner strength to live a life of authenticity.

We’ll cut the ties that bind us to anything that is no longer our truth, so that we are free. We’ll end the morning with a delicious guided meditation / yoga nidra to fully integrate the energy of Goddess Durga in a way that is most appropriate to you.


Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance, love and Inner Radiance

Saturday 23rd November 2.30-5pm £30

This afternoon our workshop will have a different energy as we embrace the beauty of Lakshmi, who is the Goddess we invoke for Abundance, Love (including self love and acceptance) and inner radiance.

We’ll explore our sense of being worthy, good enough, and allow ourselves to embrace the love that comes from Lakshmi. When we allow ourselves to receive and fill ourselves up, then we have a full heart to share with others around us.

Throughout the afternoon we’ll explore deep and rich heart opening flows as we open to give and receive.

Once again this will be a full spectrum workshop as we explore mudra, ritual, mantra as well as heart opening flows and we will end with a deeply nourishing, heart opening yoga nidra.

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Queen, take your Crown

Sunday 25th November 9.30am - 12.30pm £30

This workshop was originally created for women as they were reaching peri menopause and menopause but since releasing it, I have had so many younger women saying it was speaking to them too, so this is for all women.

In this final workshop of the weekend we explore taking the seat of the Queen, being the sovereign of our lives. As young women, we may take on the role of the Mother (whether to children, friends, colleagues or pets), and we nurture others. Sometimes, we can feel that we have been nurturing others at the expense of ourselves and can have a sense of having lost who we are and / or feeling depleted.

In this workshop, we explore, the calls and the stirrings of our soul, who are we being called to be, why are we here, what is next for us on the Heroines Journey as we prepare to take our seat as the Queen and be the sovereign of our own lives.

At this stage, we become the wise woman, the medicine woman as we open to our true nature and our true power. We’ll explore this through movement, meditation, journalling and more….


The Pregnancy & Birth Specialists - Birthing Masterclass

Welcome to The Pregnancy & Birth Specialists! Myself (Pregnancy Yoga teacher), Louise Perrins (Hypnobirthing Practitioner) and Fiona Mitchell (Female Health Physiotherapist) have teamed up to offer you the ultimate lessons in how to have your ideal pregnancy and birth. We are all experts in our own fields and together we can offer you the most up to date information about pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

What is the workshop? This 2 day opportunity gives you to the chance to learn from three birth specialists in a wonderful countryside setting. We will give you all of the information you need to feel in control, to have an active birth and to create the right kind of environment for birthing. 
We give advice and support no matter what kind of birth you are planning. Birth partners are encouraged to attend, we teach them how to support you, to be your eyes, ears and mouthpiece when necessary. You will also meet other parents-to-be in a relaxed and fun environment.

This 2 day workshop is designed to provide parents to be with the ultimate guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. This Masterclass is run by three professionals who work with expectant and post-natal mums in a variety of areas from Hypnobirthing, Yoga and Women's Health to ensure that you have the best experience possible for the safe arrival of your child. 

The workshop will cover multiple layers of information over 2 days, where both you and your birth partner will be able to ask questions and discuss any concerns. It is also a great opportunity to meet other parents to be and make new friends who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you.

We will cover: 
• Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques
• Positive mental health support
• Detailed information on the actual process of labour and birth, so that you are fully informed
• Gentle Yoga postures to aid a comfortable pregnancy and an active, natural birth
• Provide an understanding of medical terminology and how to communicate with your birthing team
• Learn how your body changes in pregnancy and birth and how to let your body heal post-natally.
• Nutrition guidance & health management tips
• Massage techniques to aid labour & relaxation
• Full handout booklet 

Meet the Team: 
Fiona Mitchell: I am a physiotherapist with over 20 years experience I now specialise in Women's Health. I treat both ante and post natal ladies as well as a variety of other pelvic health conditions.
I am passionate about my clients receiving holistic input and am happy to refer onto supporting professionals. For this reason I'm particularly excited to be teaming up with such a hugely experienced couple of therapists who are like minded in their approach to ante and postnatal care.

Louise Perrins: I qualified as a hypnotherapist 17 years ago and I have a successful private practice where I help individuals, couples and groups. I chose to specialise in Hypnobirthing because I wanted every woman to know that she can feel calm, confident and in control through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 
Lara was my ante-natal yoga teacher. Fiona helped my body to gently recover after the birth of my children. I have experienced how passionate they are about what they do. Since then, I have referred many of my clients to them; it seemed the most natural progression for us to offer our knowledge as a team.

Lara Darby: I have been a yoga teacher for over 13 years and continued my specialist pregnancy training with Wendy Teasdill, author & celebrated Pregnancy Yoga coach, to ensure that I have a high level of knowledge and understanding of how to have a safe, healthy and active pregnancy and birth. 
I love to share knowledge of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and gentle postures to ease you through all the stages of pregnancy and birth. As a mum of 3, I am passionate about helping you to have the best experience possible. 
Louise and Fiona are experts in their field and we aim to offer our skills as a team to provide a fully rounded birthing experience, so that you enjoy this very special time.

The Dates:
TBC for 2019 – 9.15am-4.30pm
Location: At an exclusive new venue in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside near Chaddesley Corbett. Easily accessible from Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, Worcester and Kidderminster. 

What is the investment?
The 2 day Masterclass is £297 for 2 people. This includes all of the information provided on the day, handouts, a healthy lunch, snacks & drinks.
Day 1 will focus on Pregnancy health and Day 2 will focus on the process of Labour itself. 

How do I book?
Click on the link below!